November 2016 News

November 2016 News

November 2016 News

We are happy to announce that we will be present on November 12 at the “Roma Modular – Eurorack Made In Italy” with all the Italian brands ARREL Audio, Frap Tools, Grp Synthesizer, NONO and Soundmachines.

We deliberately created a rack with:

  • XPulser: Analog VCO with seven outputs, LFO/VCO mode, FM exp & lin, PWM and Reset;
  • XMix: Double mixer, unity and averaged;
  • XMulti: Double splitter, buffered and un buffered;
  • XMizar: Mixer tool, 6 channels, 2 subgroups, attenuverter & amplifier, offset;
  • XDyna: Vactrol VCA with overdrive and clipping stage;
  • XTyna: Double vactrol VCA;

to show you our sound.

foto_qosmo_3 foto_qosmo_1 foto_qosmo_2 foto_qosmo_4 foto_qosmo_5



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