October 2016 News

October 2016 News

October 2016 News


The whole family of Qosmo Modular modules is made at the time by:

  • XPulser: Analog VCO with seven outputs, LFO/VCO mode, FM exp & lin, PWM and Reset;
  • XMix: Double mixer, unity and averaged;
  • XMulti: Double splitter, buffered and un buffered;
  • XMizar: Mixer tool, 6 channels, 2 subgroups, attenuverter & amplifier, offset, with expansion modules (TBA in 2017);
  • XDyna: Vactrol VCA with overdrive and clipping stage;
  • XTyna: Double vactrol VCA;

All modules are 100% handmade with high quality components.

All available now.

And for the near future (2017) more modules will be released:

  • XFluxe: Delay/Chorus effect module with Time, Feedback and Mix, all voltage controllable;
  • XArgh: Double AR generator with voltage controllable Log, Linear and Inverse log curve;
  • XTorsion: Overdrive/Distortion unit with voltage controllable tone and drive;
  • XTone: Low pass filter with 12/18/24 dB/Oct outputs and voltage controllable resonance;
  • XSpace: Complex Oscillator in a different way!
  • XMizar expansion modules (VCA and Meter);

Stay Tuned!


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