August 2017 News

August 2017 News

August 2017 News


An important update to the panels, all modules are now two-colors (black/blue) on silver (aluminium panel).

XPulser, XMix, XMulti, XDyna, XTyna, XMizar, XTr3tone and XTorsion with the new graphics are available.

A new module is out, XEnvelope: a voltage controllable AHR/AHDSR with linear and exponential curves and end of phase triggers out.

XEnvelope can work in three modes:

  1. GATE: a gate signal is needed and all phases A, H, D, S, R are available; in this working mode when the gate cames off the release phase is started;
  2. LFO: in this mode the attack phase is retriggered when the release phase ends;
  3. TRIGGER: a trigger signal is needed and the unit acts as a AHR envelope generator;

All phases are voltage controllable, with a 0-5V control voltage;

In GATE mode all three triggers out are active: end-of-attack, end-of-decay and end-of-release. The triggers out are +10V and have 5 ms duration.
In LFO and TRIGGER mode end-of-decay trigger is not present because the relative phase doesn’t exist.

Attack, Decay and Release range from 1 ms to 8.4 secs, while Hold is up to 1 sec.
Normal out and inverted out are present.

A jumper on the backside sets the amplitude of the envelopes: +5V or +10V.

XEnvelope will be available before the end of october 2017.
More details in the next update.

Stay Tuned! A weird randomic arpeggiator with a lot of controls is ‘work in progress’.

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