Modular Synthesizer Exhibition Fair – MEFF 2017 – Florence (IT)

Modular Synthesizer Exhibition Fair – MEFF 2017 – Florence (IT)

Modular Synthesizer Exhibition Fair – MEFF 2017 – Florence (IT)


MEFF (Modular Synthesizer Exhibition Fair) is the first event all dedicated to the ‘modular synthesizer world’ made in Florence (Italy). Organized by Tiptop Audio and Lattex Plus, the location was the European Institute of Design (IED). There were important brands like Roland, Jomox, Tip Top Audio and small vendors like DATO, Expert Sleepers, Frap ToolsEuterpe Synthesizers Laboratories, Qosmo Modular, Tangible Waves, 4MS, LEP, NONO Modular, Meng Qi, and others plus two local resellers Killing Toys and Martin Pas Shop.

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@MEFF We have presented our two new modules: XTr3tone and XTorsion, respectively a low pass filter 12/18/24 dB with integrated VCA and a Distortion/Filter/Crossfader.

XTr3tone is really a nice filter and all the people @ MEFF have been able to test it. Thanks to its wide controls it is very versatile, it can be used to get any kind of kick drum, without even an input. The two types of resonance allow you to have lighter or more aggressive results. Three simultaneous outputs are available (12/18/24 dB) and you can also decide which of the three to direct input to the VCA. XTr3tone is all analog and 100% handmade with THT components.

XTorsion is a weird module. A first section of overdrive, voltage controllable, is used to obtain more or less distortion, then a filter section (12 dB) is used to give it a “color”. Two outputs are available, the processed signal and the mix signal, all sections are voltage controllable. The crossfader section can be used also at audio rate to obtain ring-modulator-like effects. XTorsion is all analog with vintage components (just for the first 20 units) and 100% handmade with THT components.

The future: three new modules are “work in progress”, three envelope generators will be release as soon as possible:

  1. XEnvelope: a voltage controlled AHDSR generator with Gate/Trigger/LFO mode and out of phase triggers;
  2. XArgh: a voltage controlled AR generator with Gate/Trigger/LFO mode and linked/independent function;
  3. XQuadr: a quad AR generator with Gate/Trigger/LFO mode and linked/independent function, plus level and polarizer on the single channel;

We are really excited, because the Qosmo’s Family is growing up, and more modules will add in the next future. With the addition of the envelope generators the system is stand-alone, but a ‘Killer Module’ will be added before the end of the year, something with features never seen.

Stay Tuned!



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