XMixi and XMulti are now available.

XMixi and XMulti are now available.

Qosmo Modular XMix Qosmo Modular XMulti

XMixi and XMulti are two simple but powerful utility.

The first is a double 1-to-4 mixer: the upper section is unity mixer, the lower is a averaged mixer. Polarity leds on the OUTs.

The second is a double 4-to-1 multiple: the upper section is a buffered splitter, the lower is a unbuffered splitter. Polarity leds on the INs.

Both are handmade with high quality components: 0.1% resistors and NE5532 op amp.

Retail prices are:

  • XMixi: Euro 80,00;
  • XMulti: Euro 60,00;

Qosmo Modular Team

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