Soundmit 2017 – 3/4/5 Nov – Turin (IT)

Soundmit 2017 – 3/4/5 Nov – Turin (IT)

Soundmit 2017 – 3/4/5 Nov – Turin (IT)

SOUNDMIT 2017 – International Sound Summit


Pubblicato da Soundmit su Domenica 19 febbraio 2017


Soundmit – International Summit is the biggest event in southern europe dedicated to the ‘synthesizer world’.

Located in Collegno, Turin, IT, in a suggestive place, with 88 brands, 5 masterclass, 1 talk, 12 hours of demo and showcases, it’s the perfect event where people can test the last products in the market, from small and big players in the sector.

Check the link below for more details:
@Soundmit2017 We presented our complete range of nine modules: XPulser, XMix, XMulti, XMizar, XDyna, XTyna, XTr3tone, XTorsion and XEnvelope.

Before december 2017 more modules will be presented: XLow, XLogic and the ‘untamed randomness’ XRandomy.

Stay Tuned!



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