ALPS Potentiometer

Potentiometers used in Qosmo Modular modules are the RK11K series from ALPS. The quest for the right pot to use has been really  not easy. Looking at the choices made in many other forms We have not been able to fully convince.

We wanted a certain type of touch, neither too hard nor too soft. I discovered the RK11K series of ALPS on the specific site of a supplier and I decided to give it a try.

No need to reiterate that we are very pleased with the choice.


Mechanical Performance Total rotational angle 300°±5°
Rotational torque 3 to 20mN·m
Stopper strength 0.5N·m
Push-pull strength 80N max.
Vibration 10 to 55 to 10Hz/min., the amplitude is 1.5mm for all the frequencies, in the 3 direction of X, Y and Z and for 2 hours respectively
Durability Operating life 15,000 cycles

Qosmo Team

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